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A communication agency building a better world through science communication, education, and positive influence, linked to current societal challenges.

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The DNA inside each single cell is longer than your own height.

Even plants communicate, thanks to chemical signals.

We always see the Sun like it was 8 minutes ago!

Ants lived alongside DINOSAURS

Did you know that light is an electromagnetic wave like radio waves ?

Nuclear fission was uncovered thanks to the work of Lise Meitner, an Austrian-Swedish physicist.

It’s possible that asteroids brought life on our blue planet!

You’ll spend about 1/3 of your life sleeping.

Did you know that the first “flag” on the Moon is Swiss?

Whatever the time, there are always at least 2 humans in space.

What do we do?

Science popularization
in all its states


Science Communication

Rigorous content that entertains 

  • Scientific journalism & writing
  • Consulting on challenging projects
  • Event animation & moderation
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Science influence

Authentic voices that trigger change

  • Content creation for social media
  • Incarnation through science influencers
  • Community building
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Science education

Actively building the future

  • Children and young adults workshops
  • STEM influencers trainings
  • Science Communication trainings
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And you, want to be part

of the change?

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We worked together

They shared our journey to create smart content

“Professional advice, scientific notions popularized and adapted to the ten-year-old children who take part in the analog missions offered each year by the school. Being accompanied by Galactic Chloé is the guarantee of an ambitious and successful mission and project. It’s a wonderful collaboration that’s been going on for several years and that regularly exceeds our expectations. Thank you Chloé.”

Olivier Delamadeleine, Director Ecole Vivalys

“Chloé has the art of transmitting her passion for science and space: passionate about her subjects and an outstanding popularizer, she knows how to adapt to all audiences. At the SATW TecDays in particular, she was able to capture the attention of schoolchildren and deliver an interactive, fast-paced lecture – it’s not for everyone to keep an audience of young people on the edge of their seats! What’s more, she’s committed to diversity in science: she’s a wonderful role model and an inspiration to young girls, whom she knows how to inspire with confidence and support in their aspirations. Thank you Chloé for your professionalism and unfailing commitment to a world where technologies are used for the common good.”

Edith Schnapper, Head of Young Talent Promotion @Tech Days

“Working with Galactic Chloé means opening up to a world where passion, innovation and science meet. Her strong vision and commitment to space exploration and the popularization of science inspire and awaken!”

Jonas Schneiter, Director of Nous Prod

“Chloé is passionate about space and popularizing science, and her engineering background gives her a particular focus on scientific rigor. Chloé has a strong ability to make complex subjects intelligible and interesting. Her delivery is both captivating and natural, enabling everyone to learn with pedagogy, and her unwavering commitment to protecting our planet is reflected in every one of her talks. We are therefore fortunate to count Chloé among our influencer ambassadors, not only because she embodies our content with great simplicity, benevolence and scientific rigor, but also because she advises us on the platform’s best practices and the best way to engage our communities.”

Robert Lozano, Director of Veolia Group Digital Communications

A Galactic Team ready to launch your scientific projects for society

At Galactic Studios, we’re more than a communication agency; we’re your partners in crafting a future where science and society converge. Our commitment is to guide you in creating projects that not only resonate authenticity and scientific rigor but also leave a lasting impact. Together, we champion inclusivity and the power of genuine stories to inspire and educate.
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